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Riveting novels by multi-genre author Joel Goulet

  • Joel Goulet has been writing novelssince 2000. His captivating, descriptive style of writing is in the formats ofeBooks, paperback, and hardcover,... Read more

Blood in the Darkness novel by Joel Goulet

  • A serial killer has a large city gripped in a state of fear. The murderer crosses an ocean and ignites fear across an entire continent. The... Read more

The Swiss Guard novel by Joel Goulet

  • He fought in a war for the French King. He pledged hislife to protect the Pope when Rome was sacked. He fell in love with a woman theemperor was... Read more

Death of the Apocalypse novel by Joel Goulet

  • The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse make a disturbing appearance in a large city. The Horseman Death breaks away and unleashes havoc on the city. A... Read more

The Secret Of Washington Island novel by Joel Goulet

  • A group of ransom seekers take over an island, forcing hundreds of residents into being hostages. But they have set foot on the wrong island where... Read more


  • There’s something about an inmate that suddenly vanishes from a prison that has raised red flags within several clandestine branches of government... Read more